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Cheap Car Insurance in Texas

Car Insurance Texas, TX

The state of Texas is America’s second largest, and it is laden with several special sites and features that make the state almost entirely identical to the American Wild West. From the Pine woodlands of the North-eastern part to the southern beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, down to the western mountains and desert and then to the gently-sloping hills in the central region, Texas has enough eye-catching elements and features to keep its citizens happy and busy. Also, the state is so large, that drivers on one boundary could work throughout the day and still be there in Texas by Sunset!

The state is massive, and sourcing for vehicle insurance information can be hectic. To prevent this, Cheapcarinsuranceco.com has done the research and has provided all the relevant information here. See below:


The average Texan shouldn’t necessarily be wasting precious time to examine and scrutinize the various mutable rules and regulations. This list compiles every relevant information you need.

Texas: Least prerequisites for Vehicle Insurance

As per the Insurance Department of Texas, all cars must compulsorily be fully covered by liability insurance.

Least liability in Texas

$35,000 comprises damage to property in a mishap $30,000 comprises injury to a person from an accident $60,000 comprises multiple injuries in an accident Inability to manage insurance leads to:

1st crime: a penalty of $175 - $350

2nd crime: a penalty of $350 - $1,000. Also, the vehicle may be confiscated, and the driving license may also be suspended.

New driver licensing prerequisites:

Texas Insurance Coverage:

Bodily injury liability: $35,000/$55,000 minimum

Property Damage Liability: $15,000 minimum

Based on the provisions of the law, every active driver in Texas must possess a legal driver’s license from the state. The state has a licensing scheme called the Graduate Driver License (or GDL for short). GDL is in place to intensively train and supervise minors so they can drive well and without supervision in future. GDL is divided into three phases:

The learner license

Minor constrained driver license

Conditional license

Learner license: This allows candidates between the ages of 15 and 18 years to drive only when in company of a licensed older person (21 years and over) who has not less than twelve months of driving experience. In order to request for this license, the candidate must:

Finish a course in Driver training Tender a confirmation of registration and appearance at school

Minor constrained driver license: Also referred to as a hardship license, it can be issued to minors who have tangible reasons to want to drive. This license can enable the candidate to obtain the full-blown license at the age of 15 years. For more details on the conditions and limits, consult the Texas Drivers’ Guide.

Conditional license: this regular license places certain restrictions on drivers aged under 18 years. For this to take effect, the candidate must have been in possession of the learner license and fulfilled all its conditions of use for a total period of six months. These conditions include; I. Candidate can only have one unconnected commuter aged under 21. II. Candidate is banned from commuting between the hours of 12midnight and 5am, except in medical emergency cases, important school involvement and when driving to or back from a place of employment. Once these conditions are met, and the prospect turns 18 years, the conditional license is transformed into a Driver License without restrictions.

Vision assessment:

To obtain this Driver’s license without prohibitions, the candidate will have to pass a vision test involving 140? peripheral vision evaluation and not less than 20/40 visual acuity, both while using corrective lens and when not using them.

Knowledge evaluation:

This test evaluates the driver’s level of comprehension of elementary traffic theories laid out in the Texas Drivers Guide.

Road test:

This test comprises of 4 different skill sections:

Automobile operation Scrutiny Passing signals Positioning

The driver’s instruction booklet involves certain details with appropriate actions to be carried out by the test operator.


Learner license (under 18 years) - $16

Driver’s license (under 18 years) - $16

Driver’s license (from age 18 – 84) - $25

Driver’s license (from age 85 upwards) - $9

DWI/DUI Regulations.

BAC boundaries: .08. The Transportation Division in Texas defines the DUI rules of the state (§ 49.04), and an easy-to-read version can be found on the division’s website.

1st crime:

Jail – from 3 days to 6 months

License withdrawal – up to twelve months

Penalty – not more than $2,000

License retaining cost – annual fee of between $1,000 and $2,000 for three years

2nd Crime:

Jail – one month to one year

License withdrawal – up to two years

Penalty – up to $4,000

You must install the Ignition Interlock machine

License retaining cost – annual fee of $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000 for three years

3rd crime:

Jail – two years to a decade

License withdrawal –up to two years

Penalty - $10,000

You must install the Ignition Interlock machine

License retaining cost – annual fee of $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000 for three years

Rules pertaining to the use of cell phones

As per distraction.gov,bus drivers and novice drivers are prohibited from texting and using cell phones; while for drivers generally, a restriction is placed on their use of such devices in and around a school area.

Special laws

The state of Texas totally exudes the ‘Cowboy’ theme; and certain features and laws buttress this fact. For example, someone who owns barely a dozen cattle can proudly fold his pants into his boots. Also, it is illegal to not affix a horse’s taillights when riding after sunset. Discharging foul odours while in an elevator is strictly prohibited; and while those who steal cattle risk immediate death by hanging, the laws of the state permit you to comfortably ride your horse into a salon!

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